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Hi friends , brothers and sisters i have a doubt on judgement . I have a boudt on it b4 that there are பாதாலம் , நரகம் , பரதேசி , பரலோகம் . Will the people go to paradaise(இலைபாருதல் ஸ்தலம் ) only will go to heaven or those who are not go to the paradaise will take part in the heaven AFTER DEATH . Likewise  பாதாலம் and நரகம் . We should see every single thing acxording to bible. Pls ref  லாசுரு and the rich man how did they were seprated or judged to the place b4 the JUDGEMENT DAY  . If a person will go to the paradise surely will he go to heven or what else

                I need the ans with reference  in the bible also can u pls message me via whats app becos of low mb in data its taking huge data also intersting on my next pack i will back. Pls msg me also comment or ans on it to the reader's doubt and knowladge . If any typing mistake pls forgive me . My no is 9087644478. Ans me in whats app it will help me lot also thanks for who message me in whats app.

May tje gods கிருயை with us


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