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Ok brother
Just going to finish 4th time only
But I feel thete are anay reference books we need to understand thoroughly.
Just started collecting that.
Very egarly waiting to understand and know about our true ,mighty ,Lord Almighty more and more and more,,,,,,,,,,,,.   

susan paul:
Hi ....sry to speak in middle of ur conversation ..... Knowing about bible is good ....but don't depend on only collecting the information... More thanthat be in the presence of the Lord that u can be strong in ur spirit as well ... 98% be in the presence of the Lord  2% try to get the point...    : )

Thank you sister for your guidance
But I dnt know y? In my inner spirit I have some strong instinct tat read bible more and more.
Going to buy reference bible now.
Want to spend more time reading the bible because if I spend my in reading holy bible at the end im Filled with holy spirit I felt it many times.
Tat time I was in between joined in this group.
I was little inspired with bro uyada s replys.
Any way thank you once again to make me understand.

susan paul:
: ) praise God


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