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To sum up your explanation.....

1. Baptism is a symbolic representation of our state in christ.
2. Though it is not absolutely necessary , we should get it , in order to indicate to the world that we live in christ.
3. Standard definition and purpose of baptism is not applicable to Jesus case.
.......right ?

@:  But if we have the opportunity to recognize Jesus for what He has done to us, and still choose not to do it just because we are ashamed, then we are not really faithful to him. And if not faithful, then how could we be in relationship with Him or close to Him?

The reason for not taking baptism need not be " ashamed ". It could be any other reason that may not undermine our faithfulness towards him. For example , John himself didn't get it ( I strongly believe ). But I don't think he did not have a close relationship with GOD . This could apply to Joseph , Mary , his brothers , his disciples and possibly many others as well .

@:    Please consider our pathetic spiritual state of existence and He mercifully saves us and get us to be His bride. (Please do read Ezekiel 15: 3 – 14). Given that He saved us from such a pathetic state, and if we are really ashamed of Jesus, then wouldn’t we be the most ungrateful and back-stabbing people?

This reasoning may be applicable to those who belongs to post-Jesus period . But what about Jesus - period -people ? .We see " Baptism " was different to them .

It mean to them  as " baptism »»»»»»»» saved ".

* மனந்திரும்புதலுக்கென்று * நான் ஜலத்தினால் உங்களுக்கு ஞானஸ்நானங் கொடுக்கிறேன்........ மத்தேயு 3 :11

விசுவாசமுள்ளவனாகி ஞானஸ்நானம் பெற்றவன் இரட்சிக்கப்படுவான், விசுவாசியாதவனோ ஆக்கினைக்குள்ளாகத் தீர்க்கப்படுவான்.
மாற்கு 16 :16

The above verses (and many other verses ) indicate that they are told
" get baptism , be saved " .......definitely a different reason and purpose. Due to this very meaning , John objected Jesus taking baptism .

So I want to add the 4th point of mine .

4. The word ' Baptism '  has different meaning to different people of different period .


நான் ஜலத்தினால் உங்களுக்கு ஞானஸ்நானம் கொடுத்தேன்,அவரோ பரிசுத்த ஆவியினால் உங்களுக்கு ஞானஸ்நானம் கொடுப்பார் என்று பிரசங்கித்தான்.
மாற்கு 1 :8

The above verse ( and some other verses ) speak about two types baptism .

By John the Baptist
By Jesus christ

What would be the difference , merits and demerits of the two.

BTW....Kindly ignore Q5 , as it may derail the discussion to something else. Thank you.


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