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Who we really are??

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Praise be to our Lord!
Adam and Eve were supposed to be the first Man and Woman created by our Lord. From there the descendants are arising through the lineage of Abraham to David to Jesus Christ. So in between how come people in India were created, who created us and we fall under whose lineage? Can we say that we don't have even a slightest connection with the People in the Garden of Eden?, if so then who created our fore fathers. Because old testament is all about Jews, Egyptians, so and so. Through History I can understand that Christianity came to India through St.Thomas Apostle. Before that who were we and who created us if we are not from Adam's family tree. Please throw some light!

susan paul:
Praise the lord.  Everyone comes under Adam and eve. Is it true? If u r saying yes means.  My point also will be correct. They were spread the whole world,after they can't follow the rules and regulation, which is practiced by their forefathers .,
What ever they like to have as a practice they had it that's all....
Slowly they forget what their forefathers thoughts to them......

Thanks for your comment sir/madam,
Yep I too believe that we are from the descendants of Adam and Eve, but I am not convinced yet looking at the ethnicity of various people from various part of the world, like seeing all these caucasoid, mongoloid, australoid and negroid versions of human, it really baffles my belief.

At last someone here think out of the box.

@ashketchup: You are thinking in the right direction. Your doubts are genuine .You have just  ignited the evolution theory within yourself . Sooner or later you are going to find some of the many contradictions built in the Holy Bible .

You have started your journey towards " GOD DOES NOT EXIST " land.

@udaya, I extremely sorry to pop your bubble about my journey brother, the thing is we knew that Tamil is one of the oldest of all the languages, it roots way back to BC, where sanga ezhakiyam, thirrukurral been composed and archived. So when exactly our connection with our fore fathers been lost..
It is just for curiosity sake I want to know, because I can't really ask these questions in church. It would be termed blasphemy.
Even if I don't get the answer I am not going to be worried, because Jesus Himself after His Ascension sent one of His very own disciples to our very own Tamil nadu. So even if we heard the first word about Our Father in the 1st Century A.D, I am happy atleat we did.
So friends please feel free to pool all your takes on Who we really are??


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