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may God bless the Christianity in Sabah n Sarawak.


crystal onna:
These days, lots pf Catholics have been converted to muslims and mostly bc of their eyes to the money and many other promises given by the muslims that came to the interior and rural area.but on top of all is the lack of faith in them.

Prayers are very powerful. Pray for them daily. Continue to show them the fruit of the spirit eg. Peace, Joy, Kindness, Love, Mercy, etc and it will magnify His name just by our actions because we are simply acting Like Jesus. The devil is very busy stealing, killing & destroying but We as His children must do as we are told according to His Word from the Bible.

M. Fadillah:
Did you know the different between Catholic and Christian when they are in Church? Catholic never read Bible, they just listening from their Father/Pastor. Thus, make them read the Bible, cause Bible don't need interpretation, easy to understand, and I guarantee they will never loose their faith.


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