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in the word it says that the life of a believer is like a narrow road. How true this is. There are many who can relate to my situation but have different responses to the situation. I am a fervent Christian who has been in the frontlines of the church since I was young. I have kept the precepts of the lord close to my heart but I have hit by trials one by one. I have had my body ravaged by sickness having asthma from the age of 4 not to name other bodily complications like severe gerd and other problems. I lost my mum whom I love dearly 13 years ago and it devastated me. However I managed to pick up myself. Then my finances were hit due to my frequent hospitalization. I still perserevered. Then my brother was taken to the lord at the age of 30. People even looked at me like something was wrong with me. Then this year my dad was taken to be with the lord at age 66. He was healthy and a strong believer. In my mind is how much can I take. Through this I believe we really need gods strength. But I can't deny I am broken and spiritually dry.

Im not a very experienced christian so i will say whats in my heart God bless you!..Jesus be with you.<3

In this life, we struggle. I can relate. I lost my oldest bother this year at age 66. I lost my oldest friend a few weeks later. We had been friends for 50 years. God gave his only son. We too can endure and focus on the beautiful memories that we have been given.
I am also struggling financially. He will provide our every need. Stay strong and lean towards God for understanding and strength.

Dont loose hope my dear friend since the life we have is like a flower which shines bright in morning the best thing is to ensure that u leave this world having secured a place in heaven so when u feel like lord is againist u he is beside u look somebody like jacob he lost all material thing but never give up on lord so trust and belief all will be fine in jesus name Amen

LIFE is a daily choice further,  full of challenges...and Life is like a flower quickly fading here today and gone tomorrow.


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