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NOWHERE in Scripture is God stated to be or called a Trinity.
NOWHERE in Scripture is the word “Three” used to reference whom or what God is.
NOWHERE in Scripture is the Holy Spirit called God.

The word "Trinity " is not in the Bible.

Hervin Praison:
@udaya dear frnd read genesis 1:2
தேவ ஆவியானவர் (Holy Spirit)
Genesis 1:1 God
John 1:1அவர் அவரோடிருந்தார்
Jesus with God

So trinity

K.Jesus with god....den who is god?????

Hervin Praison:
U nd ur soul are same...I mean u speak externally Bt something speak in u also...those two are not different both are in u only.solu mind.likewise God is one bt in different state...

Hervin Praison:
I know u wont understand this concept. Ths s God ly thng without prayer and without reading bible u can't get this.thx fr replying


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