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Vijay Pushkin:
Will do it soon.!

Let us read John1:1 and read also John1:14
In studies Jesus Christ the word became flesh or in human form. Jesus became MAN to pay our sins. Jesus wants us to experience HUMILITY because he was born in a poor manger. Jesus is a TRUE MAN AND A REAL GOD. the prhopecies if Isaiah has been fulfilled through a son ( Isaiah 9:6)
God change the system of humans belief through trinity. We all know that TRINITY is the most insane subject in theology. We cant fully grasp and understand the deity of Jesus Christ because of our thinking level and capacity. We are human and dont force you mind to understand it fully. We must know our limitations as humans. The perspective of God is more higher than our ways. So through the Spirit of God let us try to  study spiritually about trinity.There is a mystery of Godliness written by St.Paul. Jesus Christ said You can see the Father in me.Jesus is the Mighty God. He is the source of CHRIStianity. The Father and the Holy Spirit is being worshiped in Jesus Christ Alone.AMEN.

Vijay Pushkin:
I don't believe our Elohim who is not the AUTHOR OF CONFUSION will themselves be hiden in smoke and mirror of some weird unfathomable unimaginable mysterious trinity.. I appreciate your efforts to prove explain unexplainable trinity.. But you need to know that trinity is not biblical..

Regarding Trinity :
We should divide the ESSENCE. In Essence,  God is one.
We should not confound the PERSONALITIES. In personality, they are three. It is very difficult to understand this as there is no example for this

Vijay Pushkin:
@Alvin.. Yea pretty hard to understand and so is humanly philosophies..

Seriously.! read the previous replies and respond.. Don't create your stories..


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