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Hervin Praison:
need reference for trinity God
Pitha kumaran parisutha aavi

Hervin Praison:
Had to explain it to a Jehovah witness guy so need elaborated nd detail verse

Dear. GOD - the heavenly father. We need to worship him. SON - saviour. But we need to get salvation in him to reach god. HOLY SPRIT - Comfoter. He will guide us to lead to GOD  through Jesus

Hervin Praison:
Tq...but I need bible reference

@samviji : You said SON is the SAVIOUR. But, could you please listen to HEVENLY FATHER'S words ..Isaiah 43:11 which says,
I,even I, am the the LORD; and beside there is NO SAVIOUR !

Father says HE is the only one saviour !!!


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