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strength to overcome. addiction

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I believe most people have an  adiction and you want to let go of one

i pray that you overcome all your addiction in Jesus name. Trust in the lord and you will be saved

chris Bella:
Father lord Jesus daddy you said who ever comes before you in prayers you shall answer them lord I come before you praying for my brother/sister that you give them the power strength and faith to overcome their addiction. Daddy for if it is work pulls them back then lord listen to their cry and show them the way of overcoming those addictions in Jesus name.

Prayed for you it is well and remember to pray as well and have determination to overcome the addiction and you will overcome it.

Some things only come by prayer and fasting. That is what Jesus told the disciples when they asked him why they couldn't cast out the demon. I've put this to the test in my own life. Seeking the Lord in prayer and fasting mixed with my true repentant heart (turning away from the Sin)  has always worked for me. I've been delivered from many sins and addictions. I've also been healed from mental and physical ailments. The Word of God is powerful.. More powerful than any addiction! Praying for all to overcome.


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