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I have a question. Can anybody explain to me Romans 10: 4. Jesus is the end of the law?

The way I see it is that we all have our own minds and never let anyone controlled yours.. I choose too make my own interprations on the bible as if u constantly seek answers of others within it then it takes the fun away from It. Try and find the answer within yourself and stick too it as after all nobody has the real answers too any of it. Hope that helped

According to my understanding, this verse means that when Jesus was crucified He had already lived through the law. He conquered the ten commandments, by having not sinned against any of the commandments. So when He was crucified and died for our sins , it was the end of the law and the beginning of grace!

Hi, I feel you are asking the same question which Bible scholars struggled to understand and argued for hundreds of years. First of all we should not be reading the Bible verses in isolation. Bible have to be read in context. Secondly, understanding Grace and Law helps a bit as well.
Have you ever been stopped by a policeman for exceeding the speed limit? It is an embarrassing experience, especially if you know you are guilty. But suppose you really were hurrying to meet a valid emergency, and you pour out your convincing explanation to the police-man as he writes your ticket. Slowly he folds the ticket and tears it up. Then he says, “All right, I’m going to pardon you this time, but …” Now what do you think he means by that word “but”? Surely he means, “but I don’t want to ever catch you speeding again.” Does this pardon (grace) open the way for you to disobey the law? On the contrary, it adds compelling urgency to your decision not to disobey the law again. Why, then, should any true Christian try to rationalize his way out of obeying the law of God? “If ye love me,” Jesus said, “keep my commandments” (John 14:15).
Read on if you are interested more on this topic read on
Hope this helps.

"..Keep my commandments .." the new commandments being "Love one another " .. " Love your neighbour as much as you love yourself"


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