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Hello every one i have been saved for a long time i think. I have said the prayer that saves u when i was younger but i have not felt any different. How do i. know that i have really been saved? Should i resay it? I mean i believe in jesus christ God the father and the holy sprit but i have a hard time knowing if i am really saved or not. Any one that can help please.Thank u guys so much.

Once saved is not always saved. one who is in Christ and Christ in him is saved. The time one sin he is a slave of Satan and he is not in Christ. That is why God has given us the goodness of repentance to be saved from sin and not in sin. We also need to consider that we should not grieve the spirit of God. We also need to know about the presumptuous sin. The one who is in Christ can't sin. If they sin it is because of their lust. There is a advocate for the one who sinned. The advocate is not going to be an advocate for long. When He take His throne then judgement.

Read: Romans 10:8-17. Study these words. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

Hebrews 7:25, Hebrews 10:10,14.
Saved to the uttermost. Now that's saved!  There's a lot more. Read Ephesians 2:8,9 , there's a lot more!

I can relate to u in a way all i can say change your direction of prayer and worship surround yourself with the people of God ,because we are in the world its difficult not to sin every day thats why we should repent everyday even for the unknown sin that we do ,remember satan works with the flesh and he place things in your mind to make u doubt yourself when doubt comes in ur life remember its not God but the enemy that wants to destroy remember satan dont want the world he wants the bride of Christ wich is us so he will do everything in his power to pull us away from God ,God gave us weapon's in the word clothe urself with it,armour of light,armour of strenghth and the armour of God,when feelings ,strangeness appear in ur life rebuke the spirits in the name of Jesus because He gave us authority amen


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