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Pray for us


My family is in deep financial problem Nobody  but God alone can be help Please pray and I promise to serve God with my spouse I am in serious debt problem I feel  prayers only can help me

I am keeping you inprayer. Please let us know of the changes the Lord makes in your life. "Everything works  for good for those that love the Lord" Blessings! 

God hears and answers prayers he said no good thing would he withhold from them that walk upright. Likr Hanna made a vow to god for her son you make a vow to God and be faithful to it. Search your life and make sure there's no spot or blemish. All things work together for good. He would never forsake you.

Have hope my friend.  You can overcome any obstacle.  Hope everything works out.

Go read john14:14 bless u


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