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Empty Waters:
If we sinned on past.. changed and now it haunts you ever since you started trying to follow the path of the LORD. How do you go  on? Is moving forward a sign of not facing your past as if you did whatever and letting it go or not letting it consum your mind mean we dont care? Or we just think we got a way with it.

Once you ask for forgiveness it done ereased. Yes something will change because of the sin but dealing with it and freeing your mind is enough. In part of the Lord forgiving you so a big part of you forgiving yourself.
Much blessings!!!

So does that mean I can be a none believer and sin and near my death can ask for forgiveness and all's well??? I find that very hard too believe.  U need too be more specifific.  I believe too ask for forgiveness then u really need too belief in the lord and not just ask for it just incase there is a chance of judgement.  I believe in the lord but I won't ask for any forgiveness for any sin as we sin all through life. Even by saying u don't sin is in fact a sin so we all are guilty of it. I do good for my young daughter and that is more powerful than any blessing.

When you believe in your heart, not a mental belief, then you will understand what you need to do to be saved. Read, Romans 10:9-13, this teaches you the principles oh how to go about recieving salvation. God bless you on your voyage through spiritual life.

Yes helping brings blessing but what brings salvation is believing in our Lord Jesus Christ. Remembering or thinking of your past sins doesn't make u a cold person or unthoughtful,
Those thougts are from the devil to condemn you and make you feel dirty and unworthy. "For if anyone be in Christ, old things are passed away;be hold all things are become new".
And you know to be in Christ is to forsake your old ways and continually renew your mind with the word of God.


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