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Speaking in tongue is just cheating
There is absolutely no use for the person who does it and the people who listen to it.

Praise to Lord
Greetings to all in name of our Savior Jesus Christ!
speaking in Tongue have always been the top most topic for discussion or say for confusion in our Christian community.
In 1cor 12:1 to 11 verses we look into the spiritual gifts. One of them is  speaking in diff kinds of tongues. If you look into the list of gifts, all of them are used for serving others like miraculous signs which stirs up the belief of OTHERS, gifts of healing which delivers OTHERS from all kinds of bondage except oedificesne tat is speaking in tongues which is only for OURSELF.bcoz it for our edification (1 cor 14:3) to benefit us

Jesus has promised to give Holy Spirit to all those who ask for (Luke 11:13)
It is not everything but a part of Spiritual walk. if you have the gift of distinguishing between spirits then we can find out who's cheating and who's not. Everything for the Glory of God :-)

Tongue s the basic for holy spirit. He s n starting stage. He has to pay well and should be full filled with holy spirit. Then prophet will come. If you told Tat tongue s cheating den u r telling holy spirit s cheating. U have to pray well. Then good will speak with you. Then u can understand. Without knowing don't post any thing. If tongue s cheating why there is verses in Bible about that ??????????

Praise the LORD...
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ
If you believe in toungs, please speak. But don't criticize other.
( vice- versa) too.....


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