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cherish nathanael:
Hallo guys... Nice to know you're all here

I am a servant of christian youth in my village... Actualy I was so happy when acceptance those trust...
Day by day going in my life... I try to giving my best to walkin this job... For me this is the holly give that Jesus gives me...

But for my badhabit... I make Jesus sad... I do all sin, I fed my ego and let my friend as a same servant do what they want to do.

Now... When I found there are something wrong... I try to found the cause of it...

It so hurt I felt... Founding that some friend med of me... They disapointed by me... They felt unrespect by me...
It all becouse of me...

Guys... I was try to appologise to them... But, I haven't forgiveness...
Than I ask God to help me... Today, he show me this blessed forum so I join ^_^ hope I'll found more something here... Jesus bless you all

Spencer Abu:
ABC: Most Christians believe
that they are the sons and
daughters of God but you say
you are the Son, you are the
appointed Second Coming of
Jesus, that’s what you believe?
PASTOR: In the denominational
interpretation, the Second Coming
of Jesus Christ is a literal second
coming of the Jewish body of Jesus
Christ. Well, it did not happen
even when these so called
prophets in the Christian era were
prophesying about that because
they have the wrong interpretation
of the Second Coming of Jesus
If ever Jesus Christ would come
back in His Jewish body, as they
believe He will, what is He going to
come back for, if man is not
restored back to Him, because
God’s residence is man, when
man is still full of the serpent seed
although he says he is a Christian?
ABC: Sir, He says in Matthew 25,
“When the Son of Man comes in
all His glory and His angels with
Him, He’ll sit on a throne of
glory, separate the goats from
the sheep in the final judgment…
two billion Christians believe
PASTOR: In the Church Age, even
in the Jewish Age, they have a
wrong interpretation of the Second
ABC: So they’re all wrong?
PASTOR: Well, if you look at it
spiritually and if you listen to me
and compare it, the Second
Coming of Jesus Christ can be
interpreted as literal or physical
and it can also be interpreted as
spiritual. For us in the Kingdom
Age, first of all, it is spiritual. How
can He work in us when we are
still not delivered from the serpent
seed, from our own will and when
we have not yet surrendered to
His Will fully. That’s why He has to
choose each one of us in the
Church Age. But there are so
many factions in the Church Age:
there’s the Catholic body, there is
the Protestant body, there’s the
Pentecostal body, the Charismatic
body. They have all the different
interpretation of these revelations
coming unto them. But there’s
only one spiritual work that the
Father wanted to do in the spirit
of man because He said, “God is a
Spirit, those that worship Him
must worship Him in Spirit and in
truth.” (John 4:24)


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