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maried with people that not believe jesus

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Febriani Rahayu:
Almost everyday i hear my parent quarelling, its from im kid,til now, tired, but i know god will touch my family, my family still whole, but i feel it broke already, but i have jesus, it mean i have everything.

Nina Ravier:
Be strong and courageous. I suggest you to talk to someone @ STTRI Counseling. You can call from Monday to Friday
@ 10.30-12.00 &
@ 20.00-22.00
Phone 021 7943829
God bless you.

Febriani Rahayu:
Thank you, Gbu

Abdullai Sulleyman Pennah:

Kamu berada di mana. I pray for God's Grace n Strength in your life. Preserve n God will Reward you on Earth n in Heaven.Amen


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