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There is much more to my testimony this was telling short version

Hey gangstaofjesus. A Testimony like yours has to enter into every ear. Don't stop sharing this testimony bcos you are the one God chose. I'm not suprised. That is who God is since the days of Saul in the bible. I have seen the power of God live,while I'm in action. That's why I keep asking everyone to open up everything to God and see Him in action. That there is no one like Him,is not a joke. Thank YOU LORD for doing it again.

Amen and may the Good Lord continue to bless you in life and situations!

Man couldn't get me to realize what i didn't believe soo God sent his holy spirit n it entered my body & worked thru me n made me REALIZE that it IS possible for the holy spirit to take control!! It's like God was saying "okay you dont believe it and you question me!? So im gone give u a taste of what its like for me to be in control of u" its just like during an exorcism when the demon controls what the person is saying n doing!! God has controlled my body & mouth since December.. and that's something that in the past I never believed could happen.. I have felt the spirit a lot but I never opened up n let him work thru me n it feels good!! #HeCrackedMyShell n I'm accepting it n tryna move forward.. since I been around negativity Im not focused enough but god know what he doin!! Realization is simply tuh give birth tuh something within oneself....

Great testimonies... God is still in the business of working wonders. I'll like to share my testimony. I lived my whole  knowing about God,His dos and don't. Despite knowing this it didn't stop me from dwelling in sin,I lived a careless life and did things that were not just glorifying to God yet He never left me for a day. My major battle was with fornication. It was eating me deep and I just couldn't do anything about it. When it was time for me to get married I found a God fearing man and was so happy about it cos I knew he would help me stay rooted in Christ at least so I thought until about 16months in relationship and barely a month to our marriage,he called off the wedding. I was heartbroken and almost wanted to die. Just in the midst of all this God spoke to me through a song 'wait on the Lord' by Karen Clark sheard and Donnie Mclurkin, it was surprising that even though I felt deep pain it dint last. Today and just 2yrs after all the drama God placed me in His will for my life,a man after His heart and a beautiful baby. I got married just when I vowed I was never going to be married and I have never left His presence,my family too. I'm grateful to God for saving me completely from the grip of the devil. Praise God! :)


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