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Haleluea. May the King of kings receive all glory. If you're serving God and have no testimony,certainly something is wrong somewhere. Take a moment to reflect,you'll realise you gotta adjust something to make things right. Praise God.

I want to thank the Almighty God for the Salvation of my soul and those of my loved ones.
I testify to the Glory of God that a project my husband has been working on for more than 10 months now, has taken a new level, it is a project that will employ about 2,000 people, it has been easy but God has been bringing people to favour us even as we had no money to pay for so many things. God made the community trust my husband and handed him the land to be paid when the investors are ready.
I praise His Holy name and I believe that He that has began this great work, will finalize the investors signing,in Jesus name. Amen!

Glory to Jesus. HALLELUYAH


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