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Hi good evening everyone, I will love to share one of my tests in life and what GOD did for me. I have been in some financial problems for a very long time, but I was also away from a Christian way of living.  However I took myself bk unto GOD grace and I want to tell u that HE has been coming tru  for me. I was able to clear a big part of my bills and I know HE WILL FINISH THAT GREAT WORK IN ME.  I pray that my testimony has encourage someone into trusting in GOD, what I did was surrender my all to HIM and as I prayed I did so from my inner being.  Where I felt myself entered into the Spirit, and I cried my supplications unto HIM.  FATHER THANK YOU IN JESUS NAME FOR THY HELP.  AND I PRAY THAT YOU WOULD DO THE SAME FOR THEY THAT ARE SEEKING YOUR HANDS OF HELP N THINE GREAT FAVORS LIKE MYSELF.  AMEN.

jesus friend:
Grateful to you nans for sharing your testimony.  Pls pray for me that I too would seek Lord wholeheartedly and always without loosing my trust on Him and to surrender myself to His will entirely. 

Hey sweet Nancy.Glory to the most high king. I admire your faith you know,and I'm uplifted.Thank you. God never leaves His job half way. Claim it sister.Thank you Jesus.

Iwill keep you in my prayers, plz keep the faith, GOD is able HE wants us to need him and love him, and what we love we keep there in our hearts n mind  AND THIS IS WHAT HE WANTS FROM US. 

I would like to share a little about my testimony and how it led me to trust in the Lord and get baptized in his name.  I lost faith in the fact Jesus could ever be a trusting God I always said to my self if he is real and is suppose to love all of his children then why does he allow the things that happened to me happen.  I was homeless at the age of ten I was in foster care and not cared for actually hated.  I was saved and given shelter by a family that I would least expect it from.  Through this family I was taught how to make money defend my self and live my life free.  I made money through gang
activity.  I sold drugs not caring if they killed people harmed many people that didn't deserve it killed people all do to this organization that gave me life I owed it to the gang.  At the age of 13 I devoted my life to Lucifer for he would allow me to continue doing what I as doing without guilt or remorse.  I had a couple times when I Trieste come back to God but to walk it his house made me sick to my stomach and I would pass out right inside the doors.  I came to the conclusion I will never be one of God's children so I perused the devil and continued my life style killing dealing and what ever I wanted.  After 16 years of loyal service I was announced a satanic priest that was my greatest achievement so I thought.  I spent the next 4 year's recruiting for the army of darkness and how we grew.  It wasn't until May or June of this year I was invited to a church after working with this guy and conversation we would have he never once judge me he actually thought it to be neat to come across someone unique as i.  I went to his church and the moment I stepped in and met the folks of the church I felt this tug on my soul like God finally wanted me and the devil didn't wanna let go.  I went almost three months of this tug of war game.  Well this same fellow that invited me to the church asked if I would like to do bible studies to see if it was real the game of tug of war.  The studies led up to my baptism on 7th day of October 2014 I gave my life and trusted my soul to Jesus and never once since then doubted the power of Christ I love the Lord I give him comtrol over all that Is to come in my life and thank Jesus for washing away all the weight of my life's sins and freed my soul thank you jesus


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