Author Topic: Does a spouse have to pay for the others sins  (Read 284 times)

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Does a spouse have to pay for the others sins
« on: October 28, 2014, 06:49:18 PM »
My husband made a terrible choice the other day and he'll has broken loose in our home. Does the spouse have to suffer for his mistake. He's not saved but I am. He's an alcoholic and somewhat drug addict. The other night he spent every penny we had on drug now we are facing some bad situations. I can't pray cause I feel guilty and can't get into the word for the same reason. What is a biblical answer for this. Please help.
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Re: Does a spouse have to pay for the others sins
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Greetings to you Kat for Jesus. Really really sorry for what you're going through.That you're save and your husband is not,great.For Romans 8:1 says there's no condemnation to all which are in Christ Jesus. But then,your man is living a sinful life.And you know what the bible says in Romans 6:23.THE WAGES OF SIN IS "DEATH".But the gift of God is "ETERNAL LIFE". Salvation is personal.You have to help your man to come out of this bondage.If both of you were in the pit,that would've been a bit complicated.Now you can hold his hand,and pull him out of the pit.Romans 10:13-15. If your husband calls upon the name of the Lord,he shall be saved.But how can he call on the Lord whom he believes not? And how can he believe in someone he has not heard?  Oh,how will he hear without a preacher?. Don't be shy to share the Word of God with your husband.He is not happy the way he is. And it is not by might,nor by power.But by the spirit of God. Share with your man the whole book of Romans chapter 6. That will let him know the consequences of sin.And he must be willing to change,then the Holy Spirit will help him in the process.Pray and preach to your husband dear friend.  Remember saul who became Paul.His case was much more worse than that of your husband.Yet,God arrested him.I thank God for strengthening you during this trial period  in Jesus' name,amen. Please don't be shy to pray to God,or read the bible. Be strong and steadfast. Peace.