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Hi! I am a pure Indian but I grew in Phil and also attend a christian church. I got to know Jesus and accepted Him in my life but every time I got home, and watch my family as they worship other GOD because our religion is Sikh (Indian) I am really confused. I believe  Jesus and in bible but why it seems that other God are also powerful? Im sorry I can't elaborate my point but I hope you got my point. Thank you so much.

Dont u worry at all all u just have to know is Jesus is the life and Jesus is d way to heaven i  also belonged to a sikh family 13. Years ago but i knew dat God Lord Jesus is the real God

Each n evry single God have powers even Sattan has powers but eternal life is only  in Jesus Christ

There is only one God which is Jesus. Other gods are not god, although people worship as god. Other gods have some power becuase satan which wants worship is behind them.

When in doubt, put your Bible out !

When in doubt, put your Bible out !


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