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lying as option

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Please children of God, how does it feel when lying was the only option to make better situation..

Oh treasure of God, please don't feel that I am judging you. I am not. But all lieing can do is make a situation last longer. Nothing will remain secret that will not be found out. I don't know you or your situation, but I would recommend telling the truth in this situation and in future situations.

Lying cannot make a situation better. That was how Eve was framed up to think it will land her to the better side nonetheless it was actually the worst. Learn to know the qualities of the truth. No matter how it seems implicating to tell the truth. The truth will always defend his own whereas lies will always deny his owners. For instance People lie to get money but at the end lose the money. How do we explain that. The scripture says it is better to have little with righteousness than to be filled with  greed

Hello! Treasure. Lying can never, never, never, make a situation better. And one will only believe that it can, when they don't know or believe that the truth is better.  Although the truth sometimes hurt it's much better than a lie. A lie can for instance kill,steal,and destroy and keep one bound. where as the truth although may hurt a little and maybe for a while. Will make u free. so how many would rather be bound by a lie or free by the truth? Please! don't believe the hype! a lie never makes a situation better. And if one does not get convicted by the lie it maybe that one has become immune to lying. but we all have sinned in regards to lying and have fallen short. And at the risk of sounding redundant the situation will never get better but only get worst spirtually,morally, and it will take its toll physically sooner or later.

Yes o @Lovedlady. As previously acknowledged ma


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