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Christian of now a days a corwards . How can we be a good believer

You are right. "The world will be destroyed not by evil men, but by good men who sit by and do nothing!". Even I have become cowardice, but we need to listen to that still small voice, that Holy spirit conviction. Do all that you can do, and if others don't follow it's their own falt. God will poor out His Spirit. It's never to late to stand up for God.

It is judgemental to make such a general statement when you don't know the hearts of all the Christians. If you can help someone to be bold in Jesus do that instead of the accusations.  We all need the love and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.  God bless! 

Noyak, you are right that I don't know the heart of all the Christians, but all you have to do is look around at the world an see that

The world has become a dark place, and the world only grows dark if the light of the world grows dim. And I'm not saying that there aren't good and brave Christians out there. Christians who will stand for what they believe no matter what happens to them. All im saying is it has become rare to find them. I'm sorry if that offended you.


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