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Lately we have dinner. Before that, our youth group had a meeting about what they should do during the dinner. I couldn't attend the meeting due to my personal problem. When the day before dinner, one of youth member asking them about duty on dinner, one of them answered,  those who are unable to join duty on dinner, that's what we call 'vvip'. I feel like that person pointed the word to me. He even mention that I'm praying in social media because he read I'm tying 'I'm believe in Jesus'. But then I said to him, that is what I feel and I hope he listen to what father said during sharing in church about how should we thank God & forgive other. But suddenly he questioning me about last time there a notice about meeting but why I didn't come and I even don't have their meeting content. He laughed at me. I just tell him that I have my work should be done that day.when the day of dinner come, they all ignore me. I wonder what should I done. I even apologize for not be able to helo them during the dinner & wishing them good luck for that night. And now one by one of them leave our youth whatsapp group. I try to be nice, but in the end they hate me. Suppose to be me and my team praise & worship make a performance for the dinner so that other church know our church has our own praise & worship team which had never been active before until me & my brother join youth fellowship this year. We hoping that we can intoduce our praise & worship team but they don't understand our purpose to perform,  they just cancel off our idea and they make they own performance. Sadly, this is how we unable to introduce our praise & worship team. They never listen to me, they just ignored everything that I say. It so hard for me to face them every Sunday at church, but my heart really love to do things related with God. Only me who had trained well become server in my church, I had decided to quit but I hadn't found yet who can replace me. I keep my eye & ear close whenever they said bad thing behind me, I just concentrate with my duty as a server. Sometime I feel so down when I looking all those eye who hate me watching me from a far. Is that hard for me must get through when I started believe God?

Hey there I must say you brave but you have to talk your youth leader about the matter or to someone you close at church. I don't know if you prayed about it,but asked God.


Our youth leader is my brother. They all ignored us. Even though we try get close to them, try to pull them in way worship God, they make fun on me & my brother. They ignore us because we are different from them.  Me & my brother come from poor family but they all not..mybe because of this, they can't accept us. 😞

Where you from if I may ask.


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