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ratchipirku venduthal

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Oruvar ratchipadaiya naam vendinal avargal ratchipadaivargala

It's karthikeyan again right? You asked abt Loving a Hindu girl right?

Okay I'll answer for this, But are u keen to know the answer for it?

Vijay Pushkin:
What did Messiah say about that and what did he do in his three and half years ministry.?

He was preaching the Gospel about KINGDOM OF ELOHIM.. He also instructed his apostles to preach the Gospel about the KINGDOM OF ELOHIM to all the four corners of the earth..

Conversion happens only if you preach the Gospel (Good News).. The Good News about the KINGDOM OF ELOHIM..

Tell me

It is good to pray for Salvation brother..

என்னை அனுப்பின பிதா ஒருவனை இழுத்துக்கொள்ளாவிட்டால் அவன் என்னிடத்தில் வரமாட்டான்: கடைசிநாளில் நான் அவனை எழுப்புவேன்.

யோவான் 6 :44

It is good to pray brother, so God will give grace and begin to speak in the persons heart..
It is always good to place ur prayer for Salvation of people.. 

But don't do it for Self-gain.. like praying for someone whom u want to accept christ so u can profit out of it..

The reason I'm saying so is...
We must have the Zeal that even the unknown must taste God.. not bcoz u need them to accept christ for u.. but they need to accept christ to taste the Salvation, becoming son's of God, becoming Holy, Cleansed from sin's, etc.. you need them to meet the Grace of God, Prevent from ending in Hell.. This Zeal is needed to pray for a non-believer soul..

This Zeal is more powerful and pleasant in the eyes of God.. He'll know our hearts, our motives..


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