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complicated ralationship

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It felt like... if he is faling love with me that mean he faling with something inside me. N i believe there is Jesus. That mean He must be faling love with Jesus too.

Let me advise you. The only Person that owns your life is Jesus. Not any boyfriend. No matter how close he is to you. Only Jesus can establish relationship life. And let me be Frank. Any relationship outside Jesus cannot stand not thrive. Remember Jesus Words. He will liken a man who hears a His Words and does them as a man who builds his house on the rock while others just hear and wouldn't do. Theirs will be like building on the sand. Now the question is on whose rock do you build  that of Jesus or yourself. Don't think you can justle through life alone. There are potholes or pitfalls you may never cross but if Jesus is there no matter the storm you face He is there strong. Remember when Jesus was crossing to Gethsemane with the disciples. Storm still came but because of the Christ within they overcame. Can the relationship stand if Jesus is not established in it. Remember the scriptures that says have no fellowship with unfruitful works of darkness and do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Don't be emotional. Be firm with the Word of God. That I can guarantee you will overcome with. God bless

Prayer is miraculous.If your boyfriend didn't yet change for now,then God has its own ways and time.There is a time for everything.


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