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Hi... Im michele 25 from Indo.. i have some problem in my relationship. I have boyfriend but he is not christian. But I just thing how cud we judge people. N i just fel comfort with him. Now im so confused wat sud i do. Cause u know. I dont want change my faith. Cause I love Jesus more than everything. I want him to feel wat I felt too. Do u think i can make him to believe too? Please pray n sharing with me. Cause I realy need some support too. thank n Gbless

Theophilus Addison:
Help yur boyfriend to become a Christian

Juss pray for him and incourge him to go to church

I would pray and discern God's responce to you. Maybe you're take action but maybe, as hard as it is, to let go. Pray God's will into your life. I have a very awkward relationship myself after being married for 25 years.

Thanks for all response my post.
I believe God listen wat we talking here. Honestly I realy can leave him for God. If God say so. Althoug i will hurt .although I will cry much but I prefer God. Something I dont undestand. It seems like I know him. N  I always pray God can let him to love Him too. I wanna take him to chuch but I just waiting for right time. It 50:50 he want to go with me. thanks for all support. All I know now. I dont want change my faith. I wan keep my faith here in heart. Cause I know during my life He always with me n He loved me more than everything :)


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