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Looking for single Godly guy

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Hy Nichola, can we get to know better, here re my contact details, +2347063220235 email address, willing to read from you soonest

It is well with your soul Nichole

Nicole i here you..i just post something about my relationship with my boyfriend i lovr him so and i trust him just the same. .he is all i been looking for in my life someone that love me for me..i get jealous because he work all the time abd wevspend no time together the most iscwhen i wake him up for work.....i hope you find what you are looking for. .and be careful. .sometimes its like i be looking for that attention from a man but i know its the devil trying to pull me away from my boyfriend he not a god fearing man that gos to church but i know he have faith love god and know he cant do nothing with out him..i thank his faith is stronger than mines and i go to church.  I need help i know u do.  I pray and pray .. I wooul like to see somebody happy

Hello Nicole.. you're  looking for a single Godly guy. Why not ask the only one who can truly bring him into your life.our father GOD. There is no good thing  will he with hold from us that love him. He knows  your heart u are his princess why not ask him first! For your prince! And because he knows your heart I believe he will send u the prince he can trust with your heart. and while u wait he will be preparing  u to be the princess he can trust with his heart. Because remember there is no good thing that he will with whole from those who love him n walk upright before  him. just be patient  my sister! and I pray u will know n reconize him when the Lord brings him into your  life. (psalms 84:11)


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