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Hello, my name is David as y'all can see my username lol, well I'm here to tell y'all my testimony. I know y'all are probably like why? He doesn't know us? Why would he tell a testimony to random people? Well my testimony is not be kept secret, it is to be shared what God has done for me, because my testimony might be someone's answer to their prayers or to their life's. I was about the age of 12-13 and I was attending middle school, my dad has recently just left and left my mom in charge of my little sister and I, house, bills, car payments... Seeing my mom struggle with all this, seeing us lose things little by little that we ended up staying at my mothers brothers house in a small room where we all had to sleep, hurt me very very deeply... At that house my mothers brother would take advantage of her making her clean, pay pretty much everything, and my mom was working 2 jobs and come home to clean and cook and all.. It was very unfair. I started to get mad and hating my dad for what he did, never wanted to talk to him ever again. Moving on I wanted to help my mom how ever I could, so I remember about is this Gun my father had left behind... I grabbed it went on my face book, messaged some friends and made a sell, next day after school my friend told meet him by the school to buy the gun, as I'm walking over there this feeling came to me like never before, feeling of fear, like something wasn't right. I shook it off, walked over there and as I pull out the gun ready to sell it I hear cop sirens go off... I didn't know what to do so I ran, threw the gun and ran, but didn't get away cop caught me, I was afraid so I punched the cop and ran some more but he caught up again.. Took me in to juvenile at the age of 13, I was a kid I felt alone... I felt abandoned. I spend a couple months there, but while I'm there this other guys about my age or couple years older start talking to me and telling me why they're there.. As I was listening to their stories.. I was telling my self "I don't belong here, this is not for me" and out of no where this other guy tells me I don't belong here and tells me about Jesus Christ.. He told me to pray, and he would pray too... I prayed in my cell later that night, and I get a court date set that next morning. I was in shock... As I go in to the court the judge looks at me, reads my case, my moms in the back crying, my lawyers just standing not saying a word,. Thinking to my self "oh man, I'm not getting out" the judge says my name and I look up instantly.. And asks me couple questions and says you're free to go with a 90 day probation... I didn't know how to react!!! I had 3 felonies and let me out with probation? Oh man I was full of happiness, as they take me up stairs to grab my belongings that kid looks at me and says  I better not see you here again ever. I smiled and said I won't... I get out and step outside and hug my mom and this feeling came in.. Joyful and peaceful and I knew at that moment it was God almighty who got me out of that storm, it was the king of kings and lord of lords who delivered me from that juvenile center. Thought I was new to it, so the evil would come to attack me knowing I was fresh in to this life.. I try to enroll back to schools and they all said no, no no... 3 different schools told me no because I was a risk to their school.. As I was about to give up.. I get a phone call about 2 weeks later after my third school attempt, and the principal of the Christian academy tells me "hey I prayed to God and I decided to give you a second chance" when the world says no.. God says YES. I am now attending college to be a firefighter, mom sister and I are living in an apartment, I forgave my dad and love him very dearly and walking in the path of Christ since then, and the things he's done are unimaginable, blessing after blessing after blessing and he's not done with me yet!! God loves you brother and sister, has a plan for all of us, even when we feel lost, abandoned, discouraged know that we're children's of the most high God! King of kings! Lord of lords! Creator of all heavens and earth!!!! Never alone always waking by our side, no storm, no problem, no person higher than him!

The devil whispered in my ear your not strong enough to withstand the storm today I whispered in the devils ear I AM THE STORM. 

Always remember you can get through anything your strong enough


Gods son:

Glory to God for your life David. I congratulate Jesus for this


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