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im struggling.

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I'm struggling with Masterbating and porn some 1 help

Regine Cantay:
Are you a girl or boy?

Vijay Pushkin:
This applies to all temptations..

Rule #1: Don't rely on your own strength.. You can't come out of it ever if you believe in yourself..

Ask Elohim to help you.. Only through his Holy Spirit you can overcome the temptations.. All your self efforts will be of no use.. Admit to Elohim that you can't overcome this sin by your own and only He can help you..

It's half the battle just admitting that you have a problem with this. I know your heart, you have tried again and again to stop, but it just hasn't worked.

My advice is to remove temptation. If it is a computer that is keeping you from God's plan for your life, get it out of your house. I eventually had to through mine away, and even when got my kindle like a year later I put rules on  when I could use it and where i could use it.

I was told by Jesus that if my right hand offends me to cut it off. He doesn't want you to literally cut your hand off, but what He is saying is. If a computer offends you cut it off. Remove anything that tempts you, and fasting and praying while doing that helps too.

Let God strengthen you, and if you fall again repeat these steps. And please trust me on this you can't go half way on this. Do what you know needs to get done to get this out of your life, no matter how radical it seems. It's better to jump over a cliff in one big jump rather than two small ones.

I will pray for you.
Grace, freedom, and peace to you from Yeshuah our Lord and Redeemer.

I too am struggling wit this pls help & pray 4 me. Thank you


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