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Hi everyone!!


I just came to say that this section is blank and I want to be the very first to post!!it would be an honor.its okay if you don't reply to my post.I want you to know that you are so blessed to be in this forum.because God has a plan for you.even tho u just see this one time,God didn't sent you here to just look at fact,he even made u read this far.i know I'm just stating the obvious but sometimes,we forget the values of things we see everyday like seat cushions and loved ones..that's from John Boyne on his book THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS. y'all should read it or watch the movie it's so dramatic and moving.Anywway,please don't be shy to c [mpliment someone because that can make someone's day,or week or life!You are a gifted creation if God. You're a cute sponge with brain.You read and absorb the things you see.and that's God's power right there.Dont forget to kiss your mom and dad and make them feel loved because they can be plucked out of your life any minute now.And help those who need it.Not just those who asks for it.Spread the gospel.The time of Jesus' return to reign the Earth is near.I love you and I'll pray for you.but God loves you more to make you wake up this day.You better thank God. My IG is @god_over_evil. I'm not promoting anything,okay? I'm just saying if you want to message me about something or a favor maybe,I'll do all what God tells me to and that's to help . And you should really ve willing to help throughJesus.Amen brothers and sisters.

Good morning, I'm glad I'm d first person replying this message. God bless us. There's something that has bothered me so much and it's about a network business owned by a Russian. Please do not take offense I just want clarification, if it's christianly to do it. Thank you

I'm really interested in doing it but scared somehow, it's known as MMM.

Man is mortal but a true christian is immortal


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