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I dreamt about someone trying to bury my son alive

Don't trust all dreams.
Bcos Bible says *[[Ecc 5:7]] தமிழ் வேதாகமம்* அநேக சொப்பனங்கள் மாயையாயிருப்பதுபோல, அநேக வார்த்தைகளும், வியர்த்தமாயிருக்கும்; ஆகையால் நீ தேவனுக்குப் பயந்திரு.
Pls always remember God will confirm every dream with Hisword !
Bible says His word is more sure than dream !



God spoke to Nebuchanazar( forgive my spelling) in the dream. He spoke to Joseph in a dream at several occasions so sanctify your dream life by the blood so that God speaks to you in your dreams. But be careful cuz Satan tries to manipulate dreams and he sends afflictions through dreams. Be sensitive to ur dreams.

Whenever a dream is not in line with the word of God then its the devil. Just wakeup and plead the bllod of Jesus. We have overcome !!

Your son shall live to declare the works of the Lord ..


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