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Hi friends , brothers and sisters i have a doubt on judgement . I have a boudt on it b4 that there are பாதாலம் , நரகம் , பரதேசி , பரலோகம் . Will the people go to paradaise(இலைபாருதல் ஸ்தலம் ) only will go to heaven or those who are not go to the paradaise will take part in the heaven AFTER DEATH . Likewise  பாதாலம் and நரகம் . We should see every single thing acxording to bible. Pls ref  லாசுரு and the rich man how did they were seprated or judged to the place b4 the JUDGEMENT DAY  . If a person will go to the paradise surely will he go to heven or what else

                I need the ans with reference  in the bible also can u pls message me via whats app becos of low mb in data its taking huge data also intersting on my next pack i will back. Pls msg me also comment or ans on it to the reader's doubt and knowladge . If any typing mistake pls forgive me . My no is 9087644478. Ans me in whats app it will help me lot also thanks for who message me in whats app.

May tje gods கிருயை with us

Vijay Pushkin:
All those who die., Will just die.. End of the chapter.. They won't live or sleep somewhere until judgement.. They'll return and turn into sand from whence they were taken.. But not forever..

And those who have won eternal life will resurrect in the first resurrection., the resurrection of life after second coming and those who failed will resurrect in the second resurrection., resurrection of judgement which happens after the thousand years reign.. And will judged according to their deeds and will die once and forever finally..

The teaching which the church currently teaches are nothing but Greek., Indian and Persian forelores..

Vijay Pushkin:
And neither people go to heaven nor hell is a separate place.. This same earth will turn into hell and after every single unrepented soul had died this Earth will be renewed.. And that's where saints will live..


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