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Vijay Pushkin:
@: May be he (...) found a women.
► Oh.! You're using Adam and Eve to prove your point.?
Elohim never found a woman but He CREATED her because THERE WASN'T ANY WOMAN ON THE FACE OF EARTH for Adam to find for himself.. But today's scenario is completely different.. There's no need for creation of new woman or man now.. Sorry bro Wrong Excuse.!

@: Cite (...) physical relationship there?
► Yes.. They had it there too..
🔞 Warning: Mature content ahead.! If you are not matured kindly skip this comment 😊
Whenever an important baby boy is born Bible always tells that in this sequence "Mr. X knew his wife; and she conceived, and bore X Jr." It doesn't mean they never had physical relationship before..
But still if you wanna believe they had physical relationship after they are kicked out of garden of Eden., you can..
Or If you wanna believe sex is sin and celibacy in the holiest way to live., you can..
Or If you wanna glorify Satan giving credits in the part of creation of human beings., you can..
Or If you wanna believe that Satan is one who created the most amazing organ system of the human being and injected it into them right after they heard him like kinda obedient gift., you can..
Or Still If you wanna believe that Elohim is the most cruel person., because he's the one who created the most pinnacle of pleasure for physical humans to experience and forbids them by doing so., Well.. sure you can.. No one's is stopping you..

But please.. Before considering any imaginary worldly or church fallacies read Bible and take it as it is..

The first commandment ever given to Human race was:  " Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the land,........" (Gen 1:28)
Therefore, a man shall leave his father and his mother, and shall CLEAVE to his WIFE and they shall become ONE (echad, unified) FLESH (Gen 2:24).. This was said to them before they ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge not after.. One Flesh - denotes all things related to bed (I Cor 6:16)..

@: They did not need to marry each other since they were the only pair in the world then.
► Know what you're sayin'.? So are you implying that the Elohim who forbids fornication and taught us all to honor marriage and keep it's bed pure (Heb 13:4) made Adam and Eve to live together without Marriage bond.?

@: Why do you call if a man lives with a woman and bears child. Marriage?
► That's called as live-in relationship bro not marriage.. Correct me if I'm wrong.. I said Adam and Eve Married because they were called as Husband and Wife (Gen 2:24, 25; 3:6, 8, 16, 17, 20, 21).. Without marrying none will call them as husband and wife..

@: But we are falling in love and thats what these all convo about.
► Yeah.! We will be in love.. Coz that's the way of life.. There's nothing abnormal bout it..

Vijay Pushkin:
@: Okie.We stop this convo.
► Why.? Did you get an answer or you don't want to put your belief into subjection.?

@: My love is different and yours is different.
► Yea.. That's pretty obvious.. Coz I'm speaking about Godly love.. The love which Yahshua and Bible had taught me and You are talking about worldly love.. The love which cinema, novels, people around you, Satanic Jews and their followers and our very own carnal mind has taught us..
Both are different.. Quite different.. So kindly change your perspective on love.. Don't try to interpret the love which Bible teaches with worldly love..
I guess that's why you needed to stop the convo.. You got confused with these two loves..

PS: These two loves are COMPLETELY different from lust.. Please guys don't link love with lust.. Or give any opinion saying "Bro you got confused with lust and mistaken it for love.. Only love is jesus dying on the cross.. We humans do only lust.. Loving is sin blah blah fallacies.." Please don't 😊

Stephen Selvam:
See my opinion is very simple...As Matt 32:7 says.
He didn't say u must not love your blood relations or thy neighbors.There is a different in love with a particular girl and love without any expectations.
Are you saying that lord says us to love all so you can love(KADHAL,I don't know how to say in English as there is no different word) a women which you pretend right.But that doesn't mean you can give your heart to a women and give half heart to the Lord.If u do you will struggle in the spiritual life.I don't know whether You are complicating/misunderstanding the Lord's words.
If u claim we can love all and there is no wrong,can we marry all the women and men.?Is it not adultery.?That's wht you are saying I think.
Lord's said love is different.What we are talking is different.A servant cannot serve two masters truly or whole heartedly as the Lord said.And that's what I am pretending.I am bad at grammers so that might have caused you misunderstanding.Sorry about that.

Vijay Pushkin:
@: See my opinion is very simple...As Matt 32:7 says.
► Sorry my bible don't have Matt 32:7..

@: There is a different in love with a particular girl and love without any expectations..
► It depends upon which type of love you use.. I'll love my girl without any expectation AS THE BIBLE TELLS.. That's what I call as TRUE LOVE.. I'm curious., will you love a girl with expectation.? Too bad to think that way bro..

@: But that doesn't mean you can give your heart to a women and give half heart to the Lord.
► Seriously.? Wanna me to repeat it the third time..

@: If u do you will struggle in the spiritual life.
► Who told you.? If the man/woman is the one chosen by Elohim for you.. Surely they will MAKE YOU GROW FURTHER SPIRITUALLY.. I have know many people in my college who have even started to prophesying after they got into relationships.. Don't blindly listen to others hypothesis or create your own solely based on your imagination just like Einstein.. Man I hate that guy for ruining my Science book..
@: If u claim we can love all and there is no wrong,can we marry all the women and men.?Is it not adultery.?That's wht you are saying I think.
► Answered it already.. Why do you wanna marry the whole world.? I just don't understand.. How in the earth did you draw into that conclusion.?

@: Lord's said love is different.What we are talking is different
► Correction: What YOU are talking is different..

Vijay Pushkin:
@ Stephen selvam:
What's your problem bro.? Why can't you read my comments with an open mind.. What did your church exactly teach you regarding this subject.? Do you believe that celibacy (without marriage) is the only holy way of living.?  And marriage is only for weak souls.. And being in a relationship is a fantasy which brings curse.? What did they teach you.?

Guess You are filling yourself with some thoughts and things and you are using that as Some sorta spectroscope to see my replies.. Maybe that's the reason why you haven't even read my replies as it is.. You are simply complicating the replies and getting yourselves confused.. Keep the teachings from your church and also cinema dialogues aside for a moment and read my replies properly with an open mind and take it as it is.. Don't again talk about marrying the whole world..

If you are not understanding my replies.. There should be only two possibilities 1. I ain't conveyed the message properly or 2. your are interpreting my replies using your own spectroscope.. Guess it might be possibility one.. 


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