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about old and new version


Who is that one had update bible. Why they are update.  What they are update. Who give permission  to  upgrade  bible.
I need decent answer
I need full detail may i get

Vijay Pushkin:
Translating a Book from one language to another is really a tough job.. You need to know more than the meaning for each words.. It's culture.. It's style.. It's people.. etc.. And Bible is nowhere near to ordinary Book.. It's like a coded book even for scholars.. So translating Bible is really a Big Deal.. That's is the reason why all the Bibles in English doesn't look the same to each other.. So when a translation of Bible is released it will be definitely released with lots of errors.. And in the updated versions these errors will be corrected.. Though there are some evil motives behind corrupting Bible, mostly it's because of translation error..

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