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heaven and hell is real.


I have watch a lot of video person being die and start to see angels and jesus. He said he travel on heaven the with jesus they go to hell  .. He started to see a lot of pastor there and artist like michael jackson .. So guys did u realize the message of god with us. Heaven and hell is real ..

Vijay Pushkin:
Traveling to heaven and hell is not biblical yet some great people will keep on saying that they went.. Please don't believe these non sense..
HEAVEN? dont you know that heaven is not far, is not up there?
This is why:
Heaven is in your hearts it is your faith to God.
How do you know that you have faith to God?
When you submit to His eternal purpose
What is Gods eternal purpose?
Gods eternal purpose is to cause every sinners to repent fully in the name of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, be washed in Gods words (Bible) and be baptized in water and in Spirit of God (Holy Spirit). In this case you submit your spirit to Jesus and convert yourselves to Gods eternal plans it is salvation to all Christians (believers)
What is Gods eternal plans?
Gods eternal plans is to let all those who truly believe in Jesus and those who truly submit their spirit to God by Jesus Christ , be santified and called as His own sons and daughters and live eternally in the kingdom of God forever amen...

Hell? It is only condemnation to Gods enemy, those who disobeys God..those who are not worthy receiving eternal kingdom of God as Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and God the Father as their God will these and you will undetstand these thoughts if you are truely a Christian and have the Spirit of God dwells in you. ..amen


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