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What does the bible says about masturbation ???  Is it a sin to masturbate and where can I find that in the bible ?? This has always been my problem for yeArs

Im prompted that you are a believer who struggles with masturbation. How do i know? Based on your question,you see masturbation as a PROBLEM. Unbelievers don't see masturbation as a problem. They see it as a normal thing and they are never ashamed of it privately or even publicly just like porn actors and actresses because it is no problem to anything in their life.  However, you are able to see it as a problem because it is a problem to something in your life-your faith. it is not helping you spiritually and its a grave stumbling block to your christian faith and pure conscience.

When you masturbate, you are commiting spiritual fornication or adultery which is as good as committing it physically. Whenever you masturbate, you do it with lustful thought of sleeping with an opposite sex in your heart and you do it deliberately. There is a scriptures against this from the mouth of Jesus Himself that whosoever lustfully looks at an opposite sex has already committed fornication or adultery in his or her mind. This is found in Mathew 5:27-28.

You have to PRAY, FAST and FLEE yourself from masturbation. You have to flee from every appearance of evil around you,especially immoral freinds, pornography and lustful movies/magazine. Folk, it takes deliberate and forcefull action to breakaway from any stronghold or bondage.

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