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Not feeling Christian


I had a very miserable Christmas. Me and my wife are young Christians. My wife acts like she is doing a better job being a stronger Christian than me outside the home. It makes it hard for me to talk to anybody in my church even though they are great people. I feel like getting divorced and leaving my family even though I adore them

Wow. I'm not sure what you are going through. I will certainly pray for you. Of it helps any... Christianity isn't based on feelings.. The evidence of being Christian is our love(obedience) to the Lord and our love for one another.  I don't FEEL Christian most of the time, but it gives me great comfort to know that as long as I am following the voice of Jesus.. doing His will and departing from iniquity, then I am covered by His grace. Read Matthew 7:21-29 and the book of 1 John.

raymond osila:
I am Born again. Employed with a good salary. But my trouble is in missuse of time and money.I am lacking money growth. May you men of God pray for me that I perform well my day to day duties and be able to maintain my cash flow well so that i achieve my goals before end of year 2016.

Ask God for strenght to b dilligent and disciplined

I'm so sorry I will surely pray 4 u


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