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Tired of talking in anyone
« on: December 15, 2015, 01:26:44 PM »
theres a lot of people will come and go to your life... when they need you they will remember you, they will always chat or call you but the time they already get what they want they like a bubbles disappear , once you need them they dont reply or simply dont care ... thats why when you have a problem and wants to have shoulder to lean on first thing you usually do is looking at your friend list and search who you want to talk but sadly theres nobody is availble though they are online they really dont care of all your dramas... thats what i learned in life ... ONLY GOD WILL WILLINGLY TO HEAR YOUR PROBLEM BECAUSE HE IS THE SOLUTION so if you have a problem and really cant handle the pain pray that may our God help you to ease the pain... HE WILL NEVER IGNORE YOU! because HE IS THE REASON WHY YOU ARE LIVING RIGHT NOW, HE IS THE SOLUTION IN EVERY PROBLEM... pray that may the LORD HEAL YOU BROKEN HEART... KEEP THE FAITH