Author Topic: Can't Move On in the Past  (Read 290 times)


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Can't Move On in the Past
« on: October 26, 2015, 10:28:39 AM »
Well, I am just 19. I am too young to think of love and there are alot of things to do aside from searching for love. I excel in school and I do everything what my parents wants me to do. But there is one point in my life that I did not say anything to my parents or even openning up with my siblings about my first boyfriend, he became my inspiration and my companion but Im too young when I have him. I am afraid of what would be the reaction of my family that's why we broke up early. He courted me for 1year and our relationship lasted for 2months because I am afraid of what would be the reaction of my family. I do not have the courage to tell them on what I feel. The reason why I love him. Now.. We (I and my exbf) dont have any communication but i think I still love him. How can I move on? When in the fact I am the one who has a problem... He is my friend and when he is near me i feel awkawardness.


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Re: Can't Move On in the Past
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Hi, hope you are well, first i need to kindly know if you are born again so that i can know how to guide you. Thanks.