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Speaking in tongues

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Ya there is different types of tongues according to Bible.

Even I'm not agree with some churches of their tongues.

Sorry sister if I used any hard words.

Vijay Pushkin:
The tongues which is spoken in churches are non interpretable and it's plain gibberish.! Sometimes I feel like it's demonic..

Paul never introduced this so called unknown tongues.. If you read KJV you can see the word unknown to be in italics meaning it was not found in original scripts but were later added by translators.. Paul was speaking about the languages which were spoken by Humans not demons..

n Acts 2 u can read about two kind of audience one who understood and marveled other who didn't understood  were moking at them as drunkers.... Which means the same group spoken two kind of tongues .....

Vijay Pushkin:
Are you sure about that group who was mocking them did not understand.? I don't think so.. Read it properly.. Light and darkness never exist together.. If there's Holy Spirit in them they won't be uttering demonic mantras..

What do you think about the audience commented that 'they are drunked' ...?
I understand that they haven't understand the language like you that has been spoken when church took birth that's why they call them drunkeds..... That's why Peter start to give speech as he filled in the power of holy spirit.
I mean holy spirit works in different ways as he is the same.... as you didn't believe in speaking in tongues you can't judge it as  demonic language....


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