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I suffer so many set backs and I wonder what I need to do to clean my life to really be in God protection. I wonder if its ancestral curse or cigarettes smoking curse. The whole family is struggling and what we are planning to do, we dont succeed.  I watch prophet T b joshua and came back still nothing. They areeople talking about abundance, what is going on with me and my family? I need a smooth and simple way out.

Sometimes I just wondered at so many things that is happen around me and I felt why are things not going so right with me....and the other hand I'll feel God sees everything that am going through ...but really sometimes I feel so tired....

Hello everyone, My name is sharone! I recently got save and accept the lord as my personal savior.. but my question to you all  in order to receive the holy spirit do I have to be baptized?? I really want to feel the lords presence badly am just anxious, please help me n tell me whats best

Hello bros and sis in christ
While reading a passage if you go to settings it gets stuck up. Phone has to be restarted to set this right


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