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Hello  everyone  I am christy
I am very  happy  and very  glad  that  I am  being part  of  these forum.,
I know that  this  organization  will  help  me  on my  spiritual  growth.
But  can  I ask  a question  my  fellow  christians. And  follower  of  Jesus Christ.
I dont. Know  how  to  post. I want  to post
  verses  in the  bible,
But  I dont. Know  where  to post  it., 
For  it  is  my  first  time  here..
Can  you help  me..

Hello have  a blessed  day  to you..

I recommend you  to pray  the  HOLY  ROSARY wholeheartedly Together  with  your  family..
this prayer Is very
It is the  powerful  armour
Against  the  evil  darts..

Do  you  know  how  to  Pray  the  Rosary..


i feel as if there should be a summary of each verse . because some of us are beginers and have alot of trouble understanding the word .

Can we change the format of the forum posts please. So instead of having posts from 2 years ago appear first, the newest comments are shown instead?

Just asking :)

Hi my name is Latoya
When you feel like that just start calling on the name of Jesus out liud. Whether it is will have to flee because it won't be able to stay there while you are calling on Jesus.


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