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Post your thoughts for next APP update !

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Hi Friends,

Thanks for all of your support and help, which has motivated us to perform continuous improvements to the App.  Now we are planning for the next upgrade with new features. We are looking for your feedback and thoughts to make the app more friendly to you.

Please post us your suggestions which can greatly help the users.  You can also point us the mistakes , errors in the App. We are happy to rectify our mistakes in the next upgrade.

Waiting for your thoughts !

Alternatively you can also mail us at

Thanks & Regards,
Holy Bible Team

Jared McDaniel:
Hey brothers and sisters in Christ. Glad to be using the app. I hope that we are allowed to ask questions, make comments concerning prophecy, and scripture. And will perhaps get thoughts from other believers as well.

Shaun Shaffer:
Hi I'm reaching out to everyone. My name is Shaun Shaffer I'm living a true  hunting. It's been impacting my life for years. It all started when I bought a home in 2012. My life has been far form normal. I meet a very religious person a few days back. She's very sensitive when it comes to reading energy a true messenger of God. When she was praying for me and my family I felt so strong and my depression almost felt like it was never there. She is very special I felt like she could of lifted me off the ground during our deepest moment of preying.
The next night I felt a very bad energy around me. It made me feel like I was living in the home that was hunted. I'm not talking about ghosts. Whatever is after my family isn't of this world. Not human. My two little girls told me they were telling them that there coming for then. This is y I'm asking for help. I grew up with religious family. But drifted form God after some tragedy impacted my life at a young age. Plz help me and my family. With preying and what I should use for words to keep this thang away form my family. I'm not joking this is very important. I feel like my life and children life could be in danger. Plz respond with the words of defence to put whatever it is back in hell. I just want normal back.

Brother can you hang a Cross the crucified Jesus in your house , make a family prayer with true heart with emotion then take the Cross to all rooms and if house is independent and all the four sides are open,  take the holy Cross around and cry.              " JESEUS I TRUST IN YOU"  in your name I command all the evil to come and fall under your Holy feet and set; our family and neighbours FREE.

Please try. I have done this and now we are happy .

Dear admin

Thank you for this wonderful app.

I suggesting that to flash the notification the every day quotes or verses by verses in open off or close off the app using. It will useful for motivation.



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