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How can we know if thats our God's will?


If we follow His commands and we fully trust Him.God's know our will.

We know if it is God's will for us, if we are in tune with Him through His Word and whatever His Word says like in the book of John 15, we should live it out.  Jesus is the vine we are the branches and the Father is the gardener.  There's more but this analogy that Jesus taught us is very important to begin with - doing God's will.

Ann if you have faith in God, follow His commandments, then God will be with you and if God be with you all things work for good. You will feel God's  presence and His spirit will be in you and you will always know when the spirit is leading you. In some cases people even see visions sometimes like dreams or imaginations or even mere feeling which will come to reality at last. God minister to his children in different ways He can use you to save some elses........

Being intimate with God our spirit is in tune in Him and everything will be in accordance  His will. Even the people around us and situation we are in, there is peace and love in everything we do.


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