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In our bible into the  Romans letter poul is saying that we have to take care about our relation in that word poul is saying that we have to take care of women's like a thin bowl of glass it is important that God is giving every kind of knowledge to us. What is the meaning of that you better understand instead of me cause I am not a preacher but belive in him his Holly Ness that we have to take care of our women's like a bowl of glass. That means no heart because of our impetiont in our time of sex

Even though you say God your not of God because God does not indulge in sexual immorality and God does not pure out his spirit into dirty vessel andwwithout the spirit you are dead he that know God do the will of God not the works of the devil saying any sex in marriage is honorable before God because they are not of God.....
Saddom & Gomarro should remind you

If the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse becomes inevitable. God does not create mouth for penis or virgina. He created mouth to eat, drink speak, sing and kiss. Have you ever asked yourself? Why would God ask you to do what will harm you? Folks, oral sex is harmful health wise. If you don't know this, you can google it right now.

You can kiss any part of your spouse's body apart from the harmful part. It does not take rocket science to know that licking anus and private part will surely harm your health as those two places are designed by God to discharge harmful waste out of your body. So why would you be taking in harmful waste and unseen deadly bacteria through your mouth again. Those two places are considered as uncleaned part of the body no matter how clean or neat you may profess to be. So using mouth on those two places is an unclean act that will not only harm your health but hinder you from fulfilling your spiritual purpose on earth.

Doing anything that defile and harms your body is a sin against God. Oal sex, smoking,taking alcohol and hard drugs are all harmful to the body,so they defile God's temple and whoever defile God's temple,God will destroy,so the scriptures say.

Oral sex is basically harmfull and God of love would never approve of you doing what will harm you. If we call ourselves christians,then Lets stop being influenced by the world and lets start infuencing and changing the world for the better.

I agree with you

Using the appropriate part of the body for its function.


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