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Vijay Pushkin:
@ Samantha - Reply #6
I don't know what Sodom and Gomorrah reminds you except that God hates disgusting same-sex relationship.. Kindly don't use other examples out of the box for proving your point.. If God hates humans indulging in sexual activities then why would His Bible say this..

Pro 5:18 let your fountains be blessed, and rejoice with the wife of your youth;

God created Sex as the pinnacle of pleasure for physical Human beings to enjoy and it's meant only between Husband and Wife..

@Ayo - Reply #7
I don't think oral sex is harmful or sin for any of that matter.. Husband's body belongs to wife and vice versa and there's no harm in exploring it and enjoying the same.. But be sure to have shower before that., so that you won't be disgusting to your spouse..

After all the first commandment given to man by God in Genesis is Husband and wife should be one flesh - one flesh denotes all the things related to bed.. I Cor 6:16

Romans 12:2; 1 For 10:23; Romans 14:23.  Read and meditate...especially Rom 14:23.

Romans chapter 1 speaks about perversions "living natural use of six to engage in shameful acts".It goes on to say that God later gives People over to their lusts,.Deep down we know oral sex,masturbation,homosexuality, incest and all other sexual perversions grieve the Holyspirit but try to justify ourselves and keep on living in sin instead of reaching out to the Holyspirit who helps us beat the flesh.The same God who said ddon't kill is the one who says don't commit sexual perversions

I personally say no but, there is no scripture against it. As long as your married, your spouses body is yours, and your body is theirs. God Bless You!

But why oral sex? Do you think that's how God meant it to be done? Do that command purity of thought? Oral sex is nothing glorious. The Christian today makes sex glorification as part of the gospel. Christ wouldn't preach a thing like that. Since he is for whole holiness. Can anyone tell me that sex is born of the Spirit? It is carnal. Only for the gratification of the flesh. Scripture says that some have given up marriage for ...


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