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Wat does the bible say about oral sex

I am not a expert as I am learning myself but in marriage, anything is good as long as it doesn't hurt, degrade your spouse. It must be in love and not forced. There is nothing written against oral sex in the bible. A good site. that answers. many questions like this is

Yevette Kimara:
Once married the bed is undefiled. However, we should be responsible in our doings so that a spirit of obsession and or other ungodly habits come to play. If single one can't use oral sex as not having full pen et ration therefore constitute as not having sex. Remember, sex is just sex.

Scripture is silent on that particular issue.

Ask yourself if your actions are ethical; if you feel uncomfortable or feel convicted that such things aren't for you, then by all means, don't do them.

Any type of sex is okay in marriage as long as it's not degrading.


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