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Mista Missionary:
Everyone's answers we so far from the TRUTH of Gods HOLY Words. According to God's Holy Scriptures which is the KJV HOLY BIBLE only, in Genesis 1:26 it said let us, is becoz it was God(Jesus Christ) the Angels, Satan and his demons in that counsel of spirits. That's why God gave man a choice in life, to be like God(righteous) or like Satan(wicked). In 1st John 3:6-10

GOD the Father, GOD the son and GOD the holy spirit

Vijay Pushkin:
Only two Chapter began with the word IN THE BEGINNING that is Genesis and John..
John says that Father was not alone., He was with the Word or Son and they both had no Beginning nor end and they both were the creators..
Us in Genesis 1, 3 and 6 refers to them both Yah Yahweh - Father and Son Yahshua Yahweh..

roy dixon:
God was speaking to Jesus it was the father and son only who were present at creation


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